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Sunday, February 20, 2011

April "Millionth Mustand Success Sale"

Here are a few sales ads from the April "Millionth Mustang Success Sale" I've managed to find on  the internet. You may ask yourself how a dealer could sell a new Mustang Sprint below the Suggested Retail Price of $2,416.18?
Well.... $2,416.18 was only the "Suggested" Retail Price. Below is a Price List from March 16, 1966 that shows Wholesale Delivered Prices for Mustangs and their Regular Production Options. And while I don't have the wholesale price of the Sprint package "A" or "B", the retail prices of those options were $39.63 and $163.40 respectively. Conceivably, a dealer's cost for a baseline Sprint Package A Coupe would have been around $2,000.00, and this included their 2% holdback!

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