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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sales Invoice

Here’s a sales invoice I came across on the internet from Dunton Ford in Santa Ana, California for a San Jose built Sprint 6R07T154149. The color of this coupe was Wimbledon White with standard blue trim. Estimated delivery date was 1/28/66. The only other option besides the 3-speed manual Sprint Package A was the white sidewall tires.
Price of the car and options was $2,495.19
List price of the baseline coupe was $2,416.18
Sprint Package A was $39.63
Tires were $33.31
For a total of $2,489.12
This did not include factory freight. Presumably, the car was discounted from list slightly so that the total with tax and license would equal a round number of $2,650.00.

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