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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motor Trend Road Test

Sprint’s were, in many ways, exactly the same as any other 1966 Mustang. Here is a copy of a June 1966 Motor Trend article comparing a GT 225 hp A-code with a standard 6-cylinder.

Some observations from the comparison:
  • 6- cylinder wheels are 4-lug, while the 8-cylinder wheels are 5-lug
  • 6-cylinder brakes are 9”, while 8-cylinder brakes are 10”
  • Pony interior is more comfortable than the standard interior
  • Front tread track on the 6-cylinder is .6” smaller (55.4”) than the 8-cylinder (56”)
  • Stopping distance was surprisingly better for the 6-cylinder with 9” drum brakes as compared to the 10” disc brake GT. At 30 mph it was 36’ and 45.5’ respectively, and at 60 mph it was 153’ and 163’.
  • There was a 320 lb. lighter difference in curb weight
  • Average fuel economy for the 6 was about 20 mpg.
  • OEM tires were Firestone Deluxe Champions. Size 6.95x14; 4 ply-rated; white-sidewall rayon
  • Speedometer error at 60 mph showed 2% faster than actual speed for the 6-cylinder and 4% faster than actual for the 8-cylinder.

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