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Monday, January 24, 2011

Millionth Mustang Sale Ad

One of the most common ads kicking off the Limited Edition Sprint was the Millionth Mustang Sale ad depicted here. The copy I have looks like a full-page magazine format and measures about 10-3/8" x 13-5/8". It showed the Sprint 200 in the three body styles: coupe, convertible and fastback.

Caption read:
"Mustang! Fastest first million a new car ever had. And here's the sale to kick off the second million. Hardtops, convertibles and fastbacks, V-8's or sixes ... all with your personalized nameplate. Also included are specially priced, specially equipped Limited Edition Mustangs with a lively 200 cubic inch six, special wheel covers, distinctive accent-stripe, center console, engine decal, chrome air cleaner. Want to talk horse sense? Come in and talk Mustang!"

The personalize nameplate they are talking about there was a small brass plaque with a Ford crest (picture below). Size: 13/16" high x 3-5/8" long. The factory shipped it in the glove box, and the dealer was supposed to engrave the buyers name on it. It was then installed on the dashboard by the adhesive strip backing.
Picture - courtesy of Tony Kovar

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