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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Accent Stripe

One of the key features of the Sprint was the Accent Stripe with Quarter Trim Delete. These stripes were available in three colors:
White [Ditzler # 8378]
Black [Ditzler # 9300]
Red [Ditzler # 71528]
It was also rumored that there was a blue accent stripe, but I haven't found evidence of one yet.

Former Sprint Registry owner, Rick Mitchell, published the following article in the Mustang Times describing the dimensions.
Here's a picture provided by current Sprint Registry owner, Tony Kovar, of an original  Metuchen convertible:
Notice the start and stop locations highlighted in the following photos. They match those found in Mitchell's Mustang Times article.
If you compare these locations to some of the period ads provided in some of my other posts here, you'll see that the start/stop points are slightly different - stopping short of the headlight bucket and under the Mustang emblem. I'm not sure if this was a function of what plant did the pin-striping, what assembly line worker was performing the work, or what time of the production year the car was produced - but Tony also had a picture of a red Dearborn convertible with start/stop point similar to those pictured above. I would suggest a careful inspection of your current pinstripes to determine their originality, and then duplicating them. If your car has had the pinstripes painted over (like mine) perhaps a careful paint stripping in these key areas will uncover the correct start/stop points for your car.

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